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Netsach offers services and solutions to boost the modernisation of your business applications.

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Empower your business

Netsach methodology and knowhow give organizations the ability to scale up their resources and information across software applications, to reach unprecedented productivity while keeping low charges in maintenance

Delivery accelerator

The rise of the digital economy has made it imperative for organizations to adopt best-of-breed applications. While legacy technologies are still there, success is dependent on the effective integration of this ever-growing application stack and siloed data.

Latest technologies

Beyond the cloud and containers, the real issue for organization is to manage efficiently their data and existing applications and improve their ability to transform and deliver

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Why Netsach ?

Our experienced team operates on modern methodology and tools to design and build custom applications to maximise your data intelligence.

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Modern applications foster innovation

With our native cloud platform, we easily connect and bridge legacy systems and discover new area of opportunities. Data is the key to unlock new revenue streams: we help you make the most of your data.

Automation all the way

Our applications are based on open source frameworks, tools and languages. This way enables a deep integration and automation at every step.

Your data under your control

Data security should be taken seriously : our teams help you setup the hosting solution according to your needs : Cloud / Hybrid / On Premises, we can help you achieve what fits you.

Work everywhere anytime

One of the first quick win to unlock potential : Making one of your legacy application compatible with smartphones and tablets. We can do that for you.

Work with a motivated team

Netsach comes from Ancient Hebrew and means ‘forever’, ‘constantly,’ ‘strong’ and reflect our philosophy and spirit on how we work and create.

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Open at its Core

The way we build our platform and your applications follows the open source philosophy : We share our code with your development teams. Furthermore, we follow a strict API First design methodology so that your team can add custom features autonomously.

Modern Project Management Methods

Our team process hinges on test driven development, code review and iterative methods to build our applications and interfaces. We do it well. We do it fast.

Business Continuity

We apply the pair programming methodology : that is to work in pairs to write more robust code, as well as to share knowledge within the team. Pair programming enable our team to improve and enforce their skills.

Our methodology explained
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