Concrete : A Backend as a Service

How to keep the focus on the UX ?

What your client want is a great User eXperience. Your application UX should be your top priority. Why spend any minute battling around with backend design, deployment, databases and servers issues ?

Real fullstack is scarce !

Overbooked ? Your growth is limited by your ability to recruit developers ? What if you can lower the requirements for your candidates, save money and still deliver incredible experience ?

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Bootstrap + Backend = Concrete

From the quick and dirty proof of concept to the full-fledged web application, Concrete helps you meet your milestones. Concrete helps you build better applications by giving you more time to focus on the frontend.

How does it work ?

Concrete lets you define your application's models and basic permissions quick and easy. Then a set of REST API endpoints are generated for you as well as a fully-fledged data access javascript library.

What you get from Concrete ?

You'll get a fully documented API generated with your models, code snippets, a library providing the data layer (Javascript and Python support).

A full-fledged backoffice is here to let you manage your data (import, export, edit in-place, ...)

Your Concrete Backend runs on our infrastructure and all your data is backed-up periodically. Several plans are available (performance & size customizable) from the Freelance plan to the Enterprise plan (includes on-premises)

You'll also get a great support from our team located in Paris ! Get Concrete Now

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What's left to do

Concrete helps you build an application, you will have to design the frontend and bind it with the APIs. Don't worry we'll help you get started so you can focus on the one thing your client want : a great experience.

In a hurry ? We provide consulting services : Ask for a quote

Bridging existing APIs

We offer extensive support to customize your backend in case there were a feature missing from Concrete

Tell us about your project and we'll help you set it up : Ask for a quote