API Made Easy for developers

Keep the focus on the user experience

What your client want is a great experience and a beautiful user interface. Why spend any minute battling around with backend, databases, migrations and CORS issues ?

Go full stack with great tools

What you need is a set of tools that enables you to achieve :

  • A secured API design, but flexible enough to handle future updates
  • Deployment in less than 2 minutes, Let's Encrypt SSL certificate included
  • A simple yet efficient backoffice, bye bye phpmyadmin !

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Netsach introduces Concrete, an HTTP REST Database

Whatever language you use to develop your site or application (PHP, plain HTML and vanilla javascript, Python, Ruby, ...), Concrete provides the database layer and frontend libraries to really accelerate your development activities.

No more CORS, preflight errors and API nightmares

Concrete helps you define entrypoints, data and domain names in order to avoid both security issues. No more missing Access-Control-Allow-Origin headers and so on...

Battery included : APIs, javascript libraries, Backoffice, ...

You'll get a fully documented API with code snippets in you chosen language (javascript, php, ...)

A full-fledged backoffice is here to let you manage your data (import, export, edit in-place, ...)

Hosted or on-premises : your choice, our great support team will help you set up Concrete on your own server

Our support team awaits !

Get Concrete Now
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Something special on your mind ?

Concrete helps you build an application, you will have to design the frontend and bind it with the APIs. Don't worry we'll help you get started so you can focus on the one thing your client want : a great experience.

In a hurry ? We provide consulting services : Ask for a quote